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Since the founding of Langue & Communication in 1984, our team of trainers has conducted numerous educational programs.


Focus points :

  •           A deeper look into pedagogic practices in the teaching of French :

- Developing goal-oriented work habits;

- Learning to learn :creating independent practices to enhance motivation;

- Integrating an intercultural dimension in learning;

- Formative and summative assessment;

- Teaching manuals specific to FLE (French as a Foreign Language)


  •           In-Class Practice :

 Formulating educational documents from various authentic materials;

-  Class techniques adapted to help oral and written skills at different levels;

-  Incorporating audio supports in the learning process;

-  Video supports : utilization around specific details of the resource;

-  Studying advertisements in the classroom : interpretation techniques of the image;

-  Studying songs and lyrics in the classroom;

-  Studying theater in the classroom : using the voice as a tool of expression;

-  Studying games in the language classroom : grammar games, phonetics games;

-  Writing workshops on poetry and different texts adapted to different age groups;

-  Studying cartoons/comics in language classes;

-  Information Technology : What resources for what needs ? Sites to respond to the specific needs of learning French as a foreign language or as a second language;

To request a training (in France or abroad), contact the director of Langue & Communication:

Isabelle Le Guilloux


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