Our involvement in foreign projects :


The "Langue & Communication" center of FLE is regularly missioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alliances Françaises and the European Union to conduct initials and continuous training of the teachers of French as a Foreign Language.


  • Since 1994 : interventions in Poland, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo along with cultural centers and institutes and along with French Alliances.


  • 2006 : Langue & Communication was invited to speak at the States General of the Francophonie in Bucharest.


Topics of interventions : developing language skills through creativity


  • Since 2009 : Missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo along with the FSP (Fond de Solidarité Prioritaire) Support in the Mastery and the Use of the French language" (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs):

- Development of training modules from French reference documents and linguistic resources bases on varying didactic approaches.

- Training of foreign French teachers and of instructors of pedagogy.

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