Our associative commitment

  • Our associative project, keywords :

- To participate in learning throughout life

- To promote a better understanding of cultures for a better "living together"

- To promote Francophonie and its civic values

- To prevent the phenomenon of social exclusion and strengthen equal opportunities

- To unify our expertise in FFL (French as a foreign language) with the associative network in Rennes

- To develop in partnership activities of social and professional integration, cooperation and advice.


  • Our commitment to the priority areas of the city of Rennes :

- Training of  volunteer trainers  who facilitate learning workshops in French associations and equipment in different communities in the city Rennes

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 - Platform to assess language needs

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- Workshops on "improving language skills for a better integration "

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- A guide for learning French as a foreign language : list of structures and addresses. This guide is an informative tool on the various possibilites for learning French in Rennes-Métropole.

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  • Our commitment to the actions in international educational cooperation :

- A study for the establishment of a training program for trainers (teachers of French schools and French Alliance) in the Republic of Moldova

- Professional and logistical support to the development of the CDI project  in disadvantaged rural areas in the department of Sibiu – Romania

- Implementation of training programs for teachers in Romania, Serbia, Moldova

- Development and animation training modules for trainers in the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of  Priority Solidarity Fund (MAEE) project "Strengthen of capacities of French Teachers)

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