Our mission :

  • To offer French courses for foreigners;


  • To promote Francophonie among civic values​​;


  • To prevent the phenomenon of social exclusion and strengthen equal opportunities;


  • To participate in learning throughout life;


  • To train teachers in French and trainers FLE / FOS / FSL in France and abroad.



Our main areas of intervention :

  • General French courses and French for specific purposes.


  • Training for FLE trainers abroad on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


  •  Training and follow-up for volunteer trainers in the Rennes area.


  • A device: platforms to assess language needs for foreign persons or people with foreign origin.


  • Sociolinguistic acknowledgement workshops in priority areas in the city of Rennes.


  • Intercultural workshops


In order to contact us


+33 (0) 2 99 35 12 55


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